How do we get started?

The process of building a Dillon Custom Home begins when you meet with Greg Dillon and share your dreams and cost parameters. With over 25 years in the custom home building arena, he is an expert at “hearing” & “seeing” the specific desires and dreams of the home owner and turning those desires & dreams into a true living environment. During the initial consultation, we'll determine where you are -  Do you have a lot? Or are you just beginning to plan? We can help you analyze your design goals in terms of your budget, and create a realistic agenda that can help you avoid surprises and disappointments.

Where will we live?

​The second step is to select that perfect lot. Choose from a selection of Dillon lots located in some of the most outstanding neighborhoods or bring us your own lot. Each lot has its own character and will affect the ultimate floor plan and elevation of your home. Saving trees and preserving views are paramount in the custom home building process.

Moving Forward

With the lot selected, the next step is to gather together your design ideas, magazine clippings, - anything that you want to include in your dream home - and sit down for a Contract Consultation with Greg. Like the pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, each element of your new home needs to fit together harmoniously to ensure the quality of the finished product.  At this time it will be determined if Dillon Custom Homes LLC. is the perfect match for you.


Taking the information from all former gatherings, Jiri Hajek, will design your Dillon Custom Home. Jiri is the lead designer for Dillon Custom Homes LLC., and has been an industry peer of Dillon’s for over 15 years. Jiri has a unique & special talent for translating visual & verbal ideas into drawings. Through out the design process, your ideas, suggestions and changes will guide the final product.


With the finished design in hand, your next stops will be with the Jen, our decorating professional. She will guide you through those all important decisions including both exterior and interior finishes.  She will assist you in making decisions on such things as appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and hardware. The selection is limited only by your budget and imagination.

Your Home Begins

When you choose Dillon Custom Homes LLC., you choose the comfort of knowing you will be working with our most experienced & committed team member – Greg Dillon.  As the construction of your home begins, Greg will personally guide you step by step through the exciting journey of the actual construction of your new home.  He will be on your job every day supervising the work andmaking sure that your home is built to exacting specifications. Greg’s unique skill set of relentless reliability & unquestionable quality-craftsmanship supervision place him at the top of the custom home building pyramid.  As work progresses, you will be involved in each step of  construction, but one of your biggest responsibilities is to enjoy the process. Dillon’s client base again and again comment on his amazing ability to handle every facet of the process with professionalism and have happy/referring homeowners during final walk through.  

Your Home Is Complete

​When your home is complete, you and Greg  will conduct a thorough inspection and orientation of your new home and its features. He will walk you through the operation and maintenance of your major appliances, and answer any questions that you may have regarding their safe and efficient use.  He will also go through your home warranty packet. Though building a custom home is a large and, sometimes challenging job, the end result is the home you have always wanted. At Dillon Custom Homes LLC., our goal is to see that you get the best home your money can buy, to exceed your expectations, and to make sure that you enjoy the building process. We invite your input at every level, from the pouring of the foundation, through framing and electrical, and all the way to final finish out. Unlike many other builders, we consider your presence at the construction site to be both vital and welcome.  


Family owned and operated, we perform all levels of building and remodeling. We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project. We also offer full design services. We specialize in new construction, interior or exterior home renovations, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling, home additions, garages and more